A Little Spring-Cleaning in Fall

As many of you know, Southgate Coins is a retail store. And, if you’ve been to any other kind of retail store in the past month, you’ve realized one distinct thing they all have in common: the holiday shopping season preparations have begun! With that said, Southgate Coins is no different. We’ve already started to break out our holiday inventory, and have begun some pre-holiday cleanup. Read on to find out more about our handiwork.

A Little Spring-Cleaning in Fall: A Time for Freshening Up and Refurbishing

Now, before we could make the front of the store all dressed up for fall and winter, we had some necessary work to do in the back of the store. There were proof and mint sets to be organized, books to be shelved and inventoried, and many other little tasks that had to be completed.

Here’s Brittany to tell you all about their arrival:

Britanny showing off her newly assembled file cabinets

During this month’s renovation, I was able to show the team my handy-man, or should I say handy-woman skills. We were all very excited when Rusty told us about the new printer, filing cabinets, and bookshelf. The morning we got the filing cabinets was already a crazy morning and their arrival just made it a little crazier. I told Rusty that I would help him put them together. Well, before he knew it, they were all knocked out and assembled in like 15 minutes, ready to be filled. Rusty was very happy (and impressed), and he didn’t even have to break a sweat. A week or so later, we got a new bookshelf whose back part was falling off. So, again I took tool in hand and hammered some nails onto the panel to secure it. That was fun; and I was able to get a little of my anger out, just kidding. I love being able to help around here and it was definitely fun. I would love to help out more whenever my “unique” skills as a handy-woman are required.

Brittany is pulling out all the tools to repair the bookcase

 Thanks Brittany! And, like I mentioned earlier, before we could relocate the old printer, we had a few things to clear up on the other side of the back office. For instance, I had to scoot an entire front desk over, and move the table that was next to it, just so it would accommodate both the old printer, and the document scanner that was already there.

While I was busy rearranging, Crystal was hard at work, doing what I call “building an igloo.” In fact, Crystal was taking all of our proof sets, mint sets, souvenir sets, modern commemoratives, and other loose, miscellaneous coins, and putting them into some sort of order. We call it the igloo, because while she was in the middle of it, there were coins stacked up all around her! We couldn’t even see her on the other side of the office!

Here’s Crystal to tell you about her igloo experience:

Brittany sorts through hundreds of coin sets
Crystal is known for her organizational skills

People say I’m a little OCD, but really, I just like to see things around here in their proper order and with a clear count so we all know just what we have in inventory. That’s why when I saw the mint and proof sets looking like they had been a little (an understatement) unorganized for a while (because of all the many other projects going on). So, I decided to remedy that. It really only started with me organizing our mint and proof sets and taking a count of how many we have for each year. Then, when I completed that, I figured that our proof silver eagles, modern commems, and prestige sets should be recounted to ensure we are up-to-date in our inventory count. While doing that I just HAD to organize them. So, my little work area seemed to end up as one big igloo while I organized them. And yes, it’s not complete yet. I still have more organizing and inventorying to do, but when all is said and done, it will be so organized and we’ll have a very up-to-date version of our inventory in the back storage area. Wish me luck!

Thanks, Crystal! Well, as you can all see, we’ve been very busy preparing for the upcoming holidays. We’re making the front of the store spiffy too, and we’re continuing to get the back office in tip-top shape. Hopefully, by the time Christmas arrives, we’ll have a brand-new weblog posted showing the results of our hard, behind-the-scenes work here at Southgate Coins

All of us are ready to help you


Until then, everyone keep warm in this erratic weather!

Maya, Brittany, and Crystal

P.S. For those of you who have already begun your gift-searching rampages, we are proud to announce that we have received our new Special-Occasion Holiday 1-Ounce Silver Rounds. They come in a variety of different holiday-oriented themes, and some are even available with a lovely colored-enamel surface! (Of course, we have all the accessories necessary to turn these little guys into Christmas ornaments, too!