Our Annual Boss' Day Recap

Some of you might be aware that Thursday, October 16 was National Boss Day. It’s a day Hallmark invented to sell more greeting cards, just like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s day.;} just kidding. Honestly, it’s a day where we, the Southgate employees, like to give a little thanks in recognition of all that Rusty and Marie do for us. And the crazy thing is, they didn’t even remember the day that gives thanks to them.

Our Annual Boss’ Day Recap- October 18, 2008

In truth, it was Maya that reminded all of us just when Boss Day was. She first told Brittany, and discussed with her plans to get a wonderful thank-you card to kind of sum up how we all feel about working here. After making the decision, the only thing left to do was to get the card and get everyone to sign it without the bosses finding out. Easy, right? Maybe not so much, but Maya seemed to be an old hat at sneakiness.

So Maya went out and bought the cutest card. I think that this just might have been the easiest part. Because next, she had to get the card to Brittany and Emma to sign on Thursday, since both of them were off on Friday. As luck would have it, Maya had borrowed Rusty and Marie’s dolly a day earlier and she needed to return it to them. This gave her the perfect excuse to come in on her day off and secretly hand off the card to Brittany to sign, and in turn, Emma to sign. Phffew! They were able to pull it off with Rusty and Marie none the wiser. (Unfortunately, Emma called in sick that day after suffering the reeling effects of a flu shot and didn’t get to sign the card until today. But, we all know it's the thought that counts anyways!)

Bosses Day Card 2008

Then Friday rolled around, and the card got secretly passed to Cara and me (Crystal) to add the final signatures and inscriptions. All went as planned, and when the card was presented to Rusty and Marie, they were just SO surprised. It was so cute how they completely forgot about a day that is in honor of bosses like them. Bosses that do such wonderful things for their employees to make us all really feel like part of a family. Things like buying lunch for us every Friday, always having our favorite candies on hand, letting us celebrate certain holidays by dressing up and having fun putting up decorations, and much more.

We are all very glad that we got to honor our bosses; it really seemed to lighten up their day. They each took the time to say thanks to each of us individually.

Employees surprise Rusty and Marie again on Bosses Day


We love our little family here at Southgate and we’re glad to be a part of something so wonderful that allows us to do those cute things (like giving Boss’s Day cards) that may be insignificant to others. That’s what makes us such a great team.

Thank you Rusty and Marie!