Marie Gets Younger Once Again

Aside from the dawn of the holiday shopping season and the hustle and bustle of little trick-or-treaters preparing for the “Big-H,” there’s one little event that’s celebrated here at Southgate Coins every year... MARIE’S BIRTHDAY! If you have been a devoted weblog-reader, you will know that this is not just a normal staff birthday where there’s a balloon and a card sitting in your “cozy” cubicle... Nope, we go all-out to make the event special, especially when it comes to our most favoritest boss, Marie. Read on to learn more...

Cara brings lunch for Southgate Coin staff

For starters, everyone knows that with celebration comes preparation. I personally know that Rusty was hard at work trying to find the perfect cake for his wife, and all of the girls were making plans of their own as well. I went and got a card and two wonderful CDs that I knew Marie would love. Plus, we all knew that Marie loves Cantina Los Tres Hombres—a Mexican Restaurant that we only go to on very special occasions. With all these preparations in motion, we just had to get the timing down so that everything played off without a hitch. Here’s Brittany to tell you about Marie’s eventful birthday:

Southgate gang is gathered to open presents

Marie’s birthday was a very special day here at Southgate Coins. This was my first staff birthday celebration here and I was so amazed to see what a big deal it was. Again, we had to do the secret passing and signing of the card, but we are all pros at it now, so it went off with no problems.

Well, as most of you know, we have what we call Free Lunch Friday here, and I expected this to be similar to the rest, with maybe a few more decorations. Boy was I wrong! This one topped the others I’ve experienced by far. We had birthday decorations, a colorful tablecloth, and we even got to draw on and decorate our napkins with cute little pictures. It was a blast, and to top it off, we had excellent food that Cara picked up, making sure to get the order perfect. (That’s a huge compliment coming from me because I’m not a big fan of Mexican food.)

Marie gets ready to eat her birthday cake at Southgate Coins

The whole day I was wondering where the cake was hiding. Well, it turns out, that it was secretly stashed in Rusty’s office, along with the presents that the rest of the girls had picked out for Marie. Since only one of the girls (Maya) has been here before for Marie’s birthday, the rest of us were kind of wondering what exactly was supposed to happen. At least I know I was. Well, we’d all determined the exact time of the next event, all in secret yet again. This part was key, because every time in the past they’ve changed up the time of day so Marie never knows when to expect the presentation of the cake and the presents. We totally caught her off guard. She didn’t even know that we’d all moved to the other side of the store. She thought we were all still busy at work. The expression on her face was priceless when she walked around the corner and saw us all standing there. Rusty lit the candles on the cake and started playing the Beatles’ Birthday song, signaling that it was party time. Maya gave Marie two very good CDs, and Crystal got her two very festive coffee mugs. Marie blew out the candles, and made a wish of course. I think we took like 50 pictures in 15 minutes, some of which you can see on this webpage. We grubbed down on the cupcakes and even Rusty dove right in, literally. (he skimped a little on this occasion on his low-carb diet). It was an amazing day full of smiles and laughs. I’m very thankful that I got to be a part of the celebration.

Rusty and Marie Goe celebrating her birthday

Hope you had a good birthday Marie, another year younger, and many more to come.

Thanks, Brittany! Well, as you can plainly see, we love to go that extra mile for the people we care about. Celebrating everyone’s birthday is a way for all of the staff here at Southgate Coins to show that we are not only coworkers, but we are our own little family. Marie treats us like daughters (customers often think we’re related!), and we think that on her birthday she deserves just that little bit extra.

Thank you to those that called and shared their birthday praise with Marie over the past few days. We love knowing that there are so many people that recognize Marie for the wonderful lady she is.

From all of the Southgate girls, we wish Marie a very special birthday, and hope that this coming year tops all the rest.

Happy Birthday, once again, Marie.

-Maya and Brittany