Costumed Staffers Enliven Southgate's Halloween Festivities

Costumed staffers at the coin shop eat pizza

As the next rainstorm of the season rolls into Reno, it’s once again time to celebrate Halloween at Southgate Coins. We decorated the store and put out the candy dish, but what really got all of the staff into the Halloween spirit were the costumes we adorned ourselves with for the occasion. Walking into the store on Friday morning, you would’ve been greeted by an assortment of characters. Brittany was “Bobbie the Builder,” Crystal was a swashbuckling pirate, Maya turned into a purple fairy princess, Marie and I (Cara) were both cute 1920’s flapper girls, and Rusty had transformed himself into “Buffalo Bill.” There was an assortment of accessories that came along with our costumes as well, like Rusty’s Colt Walker-44 replica gun and his authentic Winchester rifle, Crystal’s sword and rubber-band gun, and Maya’s lovely light-up star wand (complete with whimsical melody). Looking at previous year’s pictures of Southgate’s Halloween festivities, I believe that this year had some of the best costumes so far. To learn about the day's activites, read on...

Southgate staffer Brittany dresses at Bobbie the Builder at Halloween
Southgate Coins employee Maya dons purple wings for Halloween
Crystal becomes a pirate at the coin shop’s Halloween dress up day

Crystal’s thoughts:

Best costumes so far? You’re darn right they are! We all looked amazing, and it’s been so much fun, too. Right when I walked in on Friday morning, I was just ecstatic seeing everyone’s costumes. I really think we all got into the spirit of the season. I know I did when I was putting my outfit together. I was so excited to be able to get to dress-up for Halloween. It’s been a long time since I really went all out on this holiday. And to get to do it for work at the same time was truly a treat.

Speaking of treat, we got a special treat for lunch today. PIZZA! That’s right, we got pizza. It was from Papa John’s, and they delivered everything, so none of us needed to go and pick it up. It was so good too. And can you believe that it only took five girls to eat almost the entirety of three large pizzas. I guess we sure were hungry. Yum yum.

Brittany’s thoughts:

Well, my Halloween started out as a huge trick, instead of a treat. When I was entering the on-ramp to the freeway, a car ran a red light and hit me. I am okay but my car isn’t.

At least when I got to work, everyone ran out to greet me with open arms; and then it was time for pictures. Everyone looked so great in their costumes. There isn’t a holiday better than Halloween to cheer you up! I love it! The rest of the day was very good as well; busy, but good. I’m so grateful to have a job that allows us to dress up and enjoy some of the holidays that are more fun. I have the best bosses that anyone could ask for. The food was amazing too; I mean you can never go wrong with pizza. All of the costume accessories really made me smile. (Especially Maya’s musical magic wand). All in all, the day was a success and I can’t wait for more days like today—minus the accident part.

Southgate Coins owner Marie Goe dresses as a flapper on Halloween

Hope everyone else had a great Halloween!

Maya’s thoughts: the costume run-down.

Well, as this was my second Southgate Halloween, I have to say that this year’s celebration was intense with a ghoulish spirit. Although none of us came dressed as evil creatures (like witches, vampires, or goblins), each of our costumes had unique characteristics that made this dress-up day extra special.

When I got up on Friday morning, I already had an idea for my fairy princess costume. I had the purple dress, the princess tiara, and the makeup. But, before I left, there were two other accessories that I just had to grab to make the outfit complete. One was my magical wand, and the other was my 3-foot pair of purple, glittery wings. Can’t go wrong with everything purple!

When I arrived at the store that morning, I saw Crystal still in the parking lot, decked out in her pirate-best. She had on the whole nine yards: bandana wrapped around her partially-beaded hair, eyeliner for the rum-drunken effect, “jewels” around her neck, and weapons to top everything off. She was right out of Pirates of the Caribbean—Jack Sparrow would have been proud of her!

When we walked through the door, Marie was totally astonished to see how far we’d gone with our costumes. On the other hand, we sent it right back at her. She was decked out in an authentic flapper costume, complete with fishnet stockings (ooh-la-la), sequins, dangling necklaces, and the perfect coquette hat. She had on her cute, shiny heels, and a pair of giant eyelashes.

Now, as Rusty does every year, he never lets anyone know (not even Marie) what he’s going to be for Halloween. In past years he’s come as Popeye, a 19th-century gentleman, Babe Ruth, and Emeril Lagasse. This year, he floored us all, when he arrived in a fringed-leather tan outfit, with thigh-high black boots, a white mustache and gray “GOE”-tee, long, curly carrot-colored hair, and a cowboy hat. (Personally, I think it was just extensions on his already red hair!) And, the ensemble wouldn’t have been complete without the authentic Winchester rifle one of our good friends, Peter Matheu brought in! Rusty did his best to recreate Buffalo Bill’s persona.

After the three of us found out about Brittany’s car accident, we all felt bad for her and her poor little car that got beat up. Brittany, on the other hand, shook off the accident and came dressed in her jeans, big flannel shirt, boots, and of course, her handy-dandy tool belt. As you've noticed in previous weblogs, this was only appropriate, since she’s definitely the “handy-woman” around the store (the female version of Bob the Builder).

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe dresses as Buffalo Bill for Halloween
Cara’s a roaring 20s flapper at the coin shops Halloween dress up day

Of course, there were many morning pictures to take, and morning customers to dazzle. Then, before long, little Cara made her way to the coin shop, and she too surprised us all by appearing as yet another 1920s flapper girl! Her fire-engine red dress, with layered fringe all over, and black high-heeled shoes, made her a perfect counterpart to Marie’s character. Of course, Cara also had on a long pearl necklace, with a red-feathered hairpiece to top off everything.

All told, everyone went all-out this year. It’s always a big day when we have Rusty and Marie, and four girls working, but it’s an even bigger event when everyone’s dressed to the hilt for Halloween.

We hope that all of our faithful weblog readers this year enjoyed all of their own sweet goodies, and maybe even shared some with the trick-or-treaters.

Southgate Coins welcomes guests on Halloween 2008

This Halloween was definitely a fun event for all of us here at Southgate Coins!

Happy Halloween and welcome to Thanksgiving month from all the Southgate girls!

-Cara, Crystal, Brittany, and Maya

P.S. - Special thanks to Peter Matheu and Otto Klay for dropping by and joining in on the festivities (and a surprised pizza deliveryman)!