Maya Turns 20!

Come along with us as we honor Miss Maya on her BIG 2-0 celebration...



Hello to all our faithful weblog readers! It is time once again to celebrate an event at the store! This time, I am the reason we’re celebrating! Today was my 20th birthday, and I felt adulthood rushing over me as I realized that I am now past my prime, and no longer a teenager. (Which Amy confirmed this morning when I arrived at work by saying, “You’re old now, Maya!”)

Aside from my heartbrokenness of not being a "youngen" anymore, I do have to say that for the first day of a girl in her twenties, it was certainly fantastic. This morning when I got to work, the entire back office was decorated with birthday streamers and ribbons, and of course it couldn’t be complete without a huge, oversized helium balloon that said “Happy Birthday” right there next to my desk. (Seriously, this thing was big!) Of course, I was grinning and excited for the events that I knew followed later in the day…

After the ritual pictures were taken, I had to pause and tell the gang about my brother, Magus, sending me a Happy Birthday text message at 4:30 a.m., saying that he missed me and hoped I’d have a wonderful day. You see, he just recently moved half way across the country, and I have to say I miss him too. And I also must say that I definitely have had a wonderful day, however unpleasant waking up at 4:30 a.m. might have been!!

As for the daily duties at work, things were the same as usual for a Monday at the coin shop. We had a few walk-in customers and plenty of work to keep us busy throughout the day. Right around 4:00 p.m., Amy had me start a supply order. Now, since it’s my second time celebrating my birthday here at the store, I new something was a little fishy, and it was all confirmed when Amy asked me to follow her into the back of the showroom right in the middle of doing the supply order. As I walked in the back, I saw a giant cake with cut-up Snickers and chocolate fudge writing on a white-frosting. Oh boy, that’s definitely my style! Alongside that was a blue bag of goodies that was just waiting for me to rip open and see what was inside. Boy do I love birthdays!

Amy started everything off by handing me the card that she picked out. And if you know Amy, you know that the card was hilarious…however probably not appropriate enough to explain in this weblog! I then opened the card from the Goes, which was complete with an inside-joke (boy do I love spiders!)! I wanted to start opening presents, but not to get ahead of myself, I had to blow out the candles first…and to my surprise they were trick candles that NEVER blow out completely! Darn you guys!

Of course, following the candle-blowing-out-ceremony, there has to be PRESENTS! I finally got to tear into that blue bag that had my name in it, and uncover my surprises. There was a movie, Sliding Doors, a CD by Marie Digby, a little golden dragon statue (since I collect them), and a gorgeous copper dragonfly windcatcher for my new townhouse. Man, these guys know me well! I was definitely pleased to find out just how much they listen to me when I talk about things that I like. I never expected the CD, but Marie had heard me mention the artist once, and I guess the name stuck in her head!

We all had a wonderful time eating that oh-so-decadent cake, and I even was able to talk Rusty into having a piece even though it may not have been on his low-carb diet. Hey though, it just goes to show you that for birthday celebrations, this crew goes all-out.

Well, even though I am sure that I am going to miss my teenage years, I have to say that I'm going to like being in my twenties.  Apparently, Amy is already making plans for my next birthday---the big 2-1!


Thanks Rusty, Marie, and Amy.  You always make the birthdays away from home so enjoyable.  Now we'll just have to see what's in store for Rusty's birthday, which is right around the corner!