Rusty's Birthday

Southgate Coins is doing it again as we celebrate yet another birthday -- but this time, it's the BOSS'!

Rusty celebrates his birthday at the coin shop

Rusty Turns Another Year Wiser

Southgate Coins honors the coin expert, Rusty Goe, on his birthday

As the Nationally Syndicated Columnist Dave Barry said, “There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday. That age is 11.” Well, you could say that Southgate Coins has proven that sage wisdom wrong as we always make a big deal out of everyone’s birthdays at the store. This week was no exception as we started off the week by helping Maya blow out twenty candles on her birthday cake, and then today by celebrating Rusty’s birthday with a bang.

Southgate Coins owner Marie Goe gives Rusty low-carb cakes on his birthday

We decided to host a HUGE luncheon for Rusty complete with having the conference room decorated to a “T” with birthday décor, lunch catered by our favorite Mexican restaurant and then for the grand finale, three, count them, three low-carb cakes especially made for Mr. Low-Carb himself, Rusty Goe. Marie slaved over a hot oven making the very special carrot cake, yellow cake, and German chocolate cake for our favorite birthday dude. (And as Rusty enjoyed his flour-free cakes, us girls enjoyed our very flour-y chocolate brownies!)

Rusty poses with his low-carb cakes on his birthday

After we were stuffed to the gills with chips and salsa, chicken enchiladas, beef tacos, and chili rellenos – and birthday cake – Maya and I handed Rusty his birthday present. And as he was trying to fish out his prize, Marie warned him to be careful because it bites! What a tease… Anyway, to Rusty’s surprise (and delight) it turned out to not be anything harmful at all. Maya and I got Rusty a portable laptop desk for when he goes on travel. And it turns out that Rusty also had another use for it in the mean time by using it as a keyboard stand! (But, just between you and me, we figured he could use it for that too.)

So here’s to you R. Goe! We hope you had a wonderful birthday and a great birthday party! You are simply the best.

With Love, Amy and Maya