Southgate's Animals

Well, aside from all the celebrating we did this May, I decided that a non-celebratory weblog should also be posted.  I got together with the girls of Southgate, and decided that today’s weblog should be about the little dearies in our lives: our pets. Please keep reading to learn about our best non-human friends...

You Have to Love the Little Ones...

With this thought in mind, I made up little sheets for Amy and Marie to fill out regarding each of their furry friends.  Here are the questions that they answered:

  1. What is your pet’s name?
  2. Its breed?
  3. Its age?
  4. Its favorite food to eat?
  5. Its favorite toy?
  6. Its favorite activity?
  7. Any special memory with them?

Now, starting us off is Amy, in the running with 2 pets. They are:

  1. Her name is Tilley.
  2. She is a gray, long hair mix kitty cat.
  3. She’s 4 years old.
  4. She loves to eat grapes. (Now Amy, that’s people food!)
  5. Her favorite toy is her sleep hut.
  6. Finally, she loves to look out windows.

And her other little darling is:

  1. His name is Willey.
  2. He is a black, short hair Manx. (“Manx” means that this little guy doesn’t have a tail!)
  3. He’s just a baby at 1 year old.
  4. He too enjoys people food—loving to drink iced tea straight from the glass.
  5. His toy of choice is yet again, people Q-tips.
  6. His favorite thing to do is bite your toes!  (And, from the looks of it, scratch your hands!)
  7.  Amy put a combined memory for both Willey and Tilley, and said: “They both love driving down to grandma and grandpa’s [aka Amy’s parents] house since they get to look out the windows and play with their toys for hours on end.”

Now for Marie's little guys: (Oh wait, there’s a girl now!)

  1. The first boy is Mikey, the tiny one.
  2. He is a Yorkshire Terrier – also known as a “Yorkie.”
  3. He’s one of the resident senior citizens at 9 years old.
  4. His favorite food is doggy treats.
  5. His favorite activity is sleeping and floor-licking. He also loves lying in the sun.
  6. Also, Marie said that whenever he hears the blinds opening and closing, it sets him on a barking spell!

For the twin puppy-

  1. Sonny is his name.
  2. He is also a little Yorkie.
  3. And he’s also 9 years old… Very coincidental, seeing as he and Mikey are from the same litter!
  4. He, too, loves his puppy treats.
  5. His favorite toys are stuffed animals that aren’t supposed to be played with by puppies.
  6. His favorite activity is chasing the toy, and trying to teach Lillie (dog #3) the “Dog Protocol.” I.E.: You have to wait for the toy until I drop it!

Now the baby girl-

  1. Her name is Lillie, because she arrived at the Goe’s house Easter weekend, so she’s their little Easter Lillie.
  2. She is a Yorkie-Poo, which is a mix-breed between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Miniature Poodle.
  3. She is a whopping 3 months old. (Just a baby!)
  4. She will eat anything and everything- it’s all her favorite!
  5. Her favorite toy is anything that she can pick up and run with--size doesn’t matter. One stuffed dog is two times her size and she loves it. The only problem is she can’t see where she’s going!
  6. She also loves racing up and down the hall at full speed.

Well, now we’ve reached the half-way mark.  So far we have listed 5 pets- 2 of Amy’s, and 3 of the Goe’s.  Out of the 10 pets for the Southgate crew, I come in as the resident animal shelter. My little menagerie consists of another 5 animals, rounding out the 10!

I’ll start off with the first of my two kitties.

  1. His name is Zeeba, after a character in the comic strip “Pearls Before Swine.”
  2. He is a black, domestic short-hair- half tabby cat, and half black neighbor kitty…
  3. He is just under 2 years old.
  4. His favorite food is soft, warm, flour tortillas. He will stare at you long and hard to get them, too.
  5. His favorite toy is an elastic string with bells and feather on the end.
  6. He loves sitting on the top of the recliner and watching the ducks outside.
  7. For his memory…Well, I watched him being born, and we’ve been inseperable ever since.

Now for the other kitty

  1. His name is Pigpen. We named him this because when I adopted him, all the other kittens in the kitten room wouldn’t let him out of the litter box, so he was covered in dust, just like the character in Peanuts.
  2. He is a black/slate gray domestic long-hair, even though his adoption records say short-hair!
  3. Like Zeeba, he is just under 2 years old.
  4. His favorite food is our ferrets’ food. He has been known to shred the packaging to get to it…
  5. His favorite toy is my boy ferret, Churro.
  6. Coincidentally, playing with Churro is also his favorite activity.

On to the weasel-creatures:

  1. A little boy named Churro, because that’s what he looks like—rolled in cinnamon!
  2. He is a ferret, with cinnamon markings and a very faint tan mask.
  3. He is 1 year old, and already fully grown.
  4. His favorite food is soda, which he’s not allowed to have. We learned he could jump a lot further to get to it, too…
  5. His favorite toy is pens. We found a hoard of pens under the couch. 23 of them.
  6. His favorite activity is hoarding pens, and playing with Pigpen.

Now, the ONLY girl in the house:

  1. She’s named Skunk, because she has a streak of brown all the way down her back.
  2. She’s a cream-colored ferret, with dark, reddish eyes.
  3. She’s about 7 months old.
  4. Her favorite food is her ferret food. Weird!
  5. Her favorite toy is her ferret couch- a Christmas present from Amy!
  6. She loves to lounge about all day, and play possum when the cats come around.

My last furry friend, our new puppy-dog!

  1. He is named Boogie, because that’s what he does on those short legs!
  2. He is a tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi, with satellite dish ears.
  3. Like Marie’s puppy, Lillie, he’s only 3 months old.
  4. His favorite food is chewy cheese-flavored dog treats.
  5. His favorite toy is one that’s shaped and sized like a mallard duck, and it quacks when he bites it. All day long- “quack, quack, quack!”
  6. His favorite activities are, going on car rides, herding my cats up the stairs, and playing “find the ferret.”
  7. This little guy was a birthday present to me, so he’s definitely my little Boogie Woogie-Boy.

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed this little insight into our loved ones who aren’t humans, even though they totally expect to be treated that way!  We love them, and I hope that when you read this you make sure to walk your dog a little longer, or find your animal that extra special toy they’ll love.  We all have a heart for animals here at the store, so it was only fitting to show our love for them to all of you!