Chronicling Entry-Deadline Day

Well, in case you’d like to know, Friday, July 25, was a fairly exciting day for the workers at Southgate Coins. Much of it resulted from the last-minute rush of kids and parents stopping by, emailing, and in any other manner, attempting to beat the entry deadline. Read on to learn more…

Entry Deadline for 200-Year-Old Coin Giveaway Ends with a Bang!

You see, a few months ago, we started this little coin contest for children, 12 and under, that had a little to do with history, and a little to do with numismatics. All that was required of the kids was to write their (correct) answers to six questions pertaining to the year 1808, and get their answer sheets into our store before Friday, July 25, so we could drop them into the large, golden raffle drum purchased for this event.

Last-minute entries into the 200-year-old Coin Giveaway

Since Friday the 25th was the very last day for children to enter the drawing, boy, did we see how many little procrastinators were out there! When Marie came in bright and early that morning, she was greeted by an entry stuffed in an envelope stuck in our gate. (I knew, of course, the minute she told me this, that we’d be in for a busy day!)

After our staff member, Crystal arrived, and we opened, a steady stream of customers began to fill the store, both for regular coin-shop business, and to submit entries for the contest. A number of families with kids came in to drop off entries; numerous email entries flooded our inbox; and the postman delivered another stack of them. At the end of the day, we accounted for all the entries, and stuffed them into the raffle drum. Hundreds of kids in northern Nevada are now waiting with bated breath and eager anticipation for the drawing ceremony.

The big day is scheduled for Tuesday, August 5, and some lucky kid in this region will then be notified that he or she has won the coin giveaway. We’re pleased that Pati Falk, the senior director of elementary education for the Washoe County School District, will be here to draw the winning entry. We will then call the winning entrant and let him or her know the good news. And the fortunate youngster will then receive the special 1808 Capped Bust half dollar, valued at $150.

The local media has expressed its interest to cover the drawing, and then interview the winning entrant. The Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce will also send representatives to participate in the event.

And, as you would expect, there will be lots of pictures forthcoming. I hope everyone’s as excited as the kids who entered and we are!