Rusty's Return from Baltimore

Every year around this time there is a one place where all the bigwig (and not so bigwig) numismatists seem to flock: the ANA World’s Fair of Money. They hold it in a different city every year, and this year all the energy focused on Baltimore, Maryland. As with all such big events that in any way involve us here at the store, it would only seem fitting to write a weblog about it! Read on to find out more…

Welcome Back Boss!

As is our usual game plan for any big project or event around here, we prepared ahead of time. In this case to ship Rusty off to the far-distant coin land in Baltimore. We got his reference materials ready (which isn’t just your standard Greysheet and Red Book—we gathered mintage totals, Carson City statistics, and auction catalogs…You name it, Rusty took it.) We prepared an exclusive mix of magnifying glasses, writing instruments, post-it notes, and other miscellaneous office supplies, along with a complete set of all the issues of C4OA’s Curry’s Chronicle, and all other material Rusty would need at the club’s meeting.

When it came down to the week of his departure, we were all scrambling around like chickens with our heads cut off to make sure all the loose-ends of his luggage and itinerary were tied up. Of course, it was during this time that we paused and told the scary story of last year’s horrific ANA trip to Milwaukee, just so the new girls could have an idea of why we place such and emphasis on preparedness.

They were pretty convinced that Rusty is somewhat cursed when it comes to traveling... Little do they know...

In any case, the day of Rusty’s departure rolled around, and all of the girls strolled into work knowing that their fearless leader was somewhere in the air between here and Baltimore. Thankfully, Rusty arrived safely (and on time!) and was able to get to his hotel room without this time having to go to the seedy side of town to get three hours sleep in a cheap hotel (again, nightmares of the Milwaukee trip).

For the next few days, it was a blur of auctions, dinners with fellow coin enthusiasts, and meetings at the ANA. On July 31, Rusty joined about 15 of our wonderful C4OA members, along with a few visitors, for the club’s annual meeting, and was even able to announce that we had hit sign-up #400 the day before the meeting occurred. We are definitely proud of our “little club that could,” and those who showed up certainly expressed their loyalty. 

Meanwhile, back at the store, Marie and I, along with our two newbies, Crystal and Emma, were getting some serious work done. Crystal was preparing some proof and mint sets to go up for sale, Emma was learning the ropes on the Statehood quarters, and Marie and I were working hard preparing the initial process of laying out the fall 2008 Curry’s Chronicle; all the time taking care of the countless customers and phone calls that were streaming in. We can all honestly say that we had plenty of work to do!

With all the joy and excitement that went on during the ANA it was only likely that something might come along and dampen the mood. On the morning of Rusty’s return back to Reno, he went to the airport at about 6:20 a.m. Eastern Time (3:20 our time), just to be notified that the first leg of his return flight had been cancelled. The American Airlines at first hinted that he might have to stay an extra night in Baltimore, but if you know Rusty, you know that didn’t happen. Instead, Rusty caught a slightly later flight (which was also delayed), which re-routed him through Dallas instead Denver. Rusty only had a few minutes to catch his new connecting flight to Reno, but thankfully, the airline-travel-fairy delayed that plane a few minutes, and Rusty jumped over airport pedestrians and just barely made it. In the end, Rusty was only about an hour and forty-five minutes later than previously scheduled when he walked through the front door of Southgate Coins on Saturday about two in the afternoon.

Overall, I have to say that this trip was much easier going for him compared to last year’s chaotic adventure in Milwaukee. Nothing went horribly awry, everything on Rusty’s “to-do” list got done, and he was able to meet up with a lot of old friends. We’re all happy to have Rusty back, safe and sound in his little “cave” (I mean office) here at the store! We even spiffed it up a little for him.

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe returns from the Baltimore ANA

We’re looking forward to next year when the summer ANA convention will be a little closer to home in Los Angeles.