Mischievous Leprechauns Take Over Southgate Coins

It’s a very neat thing when you come to realize that you are no longer on the outside looking in, but instead a key team player in a place you love. This is how I feel about working at Southgate coins, and I would like to share my St. Patrick’s Day thoughts with you all. Read on for more.

Six Southgate Coins employees dress in green for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s been almost three months since I (Nicole) started working at Southgate Coins, and already so much has happened! Not only have I been able to experience my first birthday celebration for one of my fellow teammates, but Free Lunch Fridays, Valentine’s Day, Horse Race specials, historical spot price gyrations, and now St. Patrick’s Day! Unfortunately, at first, St. Patrick’s Day didn’t go as well as I thought it would when I sat down to my desk in an effort to continue my training of posting more of our coins on the Web. Mischievous Leprechauns were playing tricks with our new Web site software program, preventing us from posting our coins on the site, and what is normally an hour job turned into quite a few hours!

Thankfully “the luck of the Irish” smiled down on us, and our tech support guy was able to fix all the glitches so we could finish our work. The day ended excellently, since we were able to get everything finished, and Rusty took a zillion more pictures of us all in our green attire. Maya and I were laughing because she told me I looked exactly like Pebbles from the Flintstones, because earlier that morning I had put my hair up with a green bow, and so apparently all I needed was some red hair and a bone!

Along with my (Maya's)Hi everyone! I will agree with Nicole that our St. Paddy’s Day started out a little bit bumpy. You see, this past week, our Webmaster has been working long and hard to switch us over to a new server and upgrade both the back and front end of our Web Site. However, as any tech genius knows, when you do one tiny thing to the back-end of a Web site, you have to deal with all of the repercussions later on.

Southgate Coins staff mugs the camera on St. Patrick’s Day

For us, we found out that our Web site wasn’t allowing us to post any pictures of our products (or any weblogs for that matter): and you know how much pictures and weblogs mean to us! I connected with a rep from our Webmaster's group, and together we worked in a trial-and-error manner, to make sure that everything was working the way it should be. Thankfully, he was very helpful, and he assured me that if I ran into anything out-of-the-norm, I could call him, and he would help me find a solution. Thank goodness that some rainbows lead to pots of gold!

As you can see, the pictures are working just like always. But, if you do find anything on our site that you find a little off, please feel free to click the “Contact Us” link on the left-hand menu of this page and let us know! We will make every effort to fix it!

Well, we seemed to have survived our Mischievous Leprechaun encounter, and we all hope that you successfully avoided getting pinched on St. Patrick’s Day; and maybe even enjoyed a tasty meal of corned beef and cabbage!

From all of us at Southgate

Erin Go Bragh

-Maya and Nicole