Getting Ready for Kentucky Derby Day at Southgate Coins

Every year at Southgate Coins, we have a whole day dedicated to the Kentucky Derby. It’s a fun filled event that has everything: a little food, a little bit of hat wearing (in true Kentucky Derby fashion), a little horse watching, and even a little betting. Truly an event that’s hard not to eagerly anticipate. Click the link below to read Nicole's and Cara’s thoughts on waiting for their first Kentucky Derby Day at Southgate Coins. They echo my sentiments as well.

On Saturday, May 2nd, several of us girls will be participating in our first Kentucky Derby Day at Southgate Coins! Ever since February, those of us girls who have worked on Saturdays have gotten to watch races, as these beautiful, majestic four-legged creatures have prepared for their big day in Kentucky. The other girls and I (Nicole) don’t know much about the sport, but we love to pick our favorites to win based on how their names sound to us. Names like, I Want Revenge, Hold Me Back, PioneeroftheNile, and TheregoesJoJo.

Since Maya is the only one at Southgate Coins out of us five girls that has experienced a Kentucky Derby Day, we’re already starting to hear about all the fun and excitement that goes on! Personally, I’m most excited about the special food and treats, but we all know that’s no shocker for me, he he.

However, not only am I totally excited about the grub, but I hear that the most fun tradition Southgate Coins celebrates on Kentucky Derby Day is wearing hats! And these aren’t just any kind of hats—we saw a slideshow this week that showed all sorts of hats people have worn in the past to the Kentucky Derby that gave us lots of ideas. Some of the hats were beautiful and classy, while others were simply crazy, busting with feathers and ribbons, big flowers, bright colors, even shot glasses and other silly things. Now we all have an idea how we want our hats to look, and I plan to try to make mine the most insane one ever worn at Southgate Coins—I suppose a little friendly competition never hurt anybody!

Quality Road & Dunkirk work out in preparation for Kentucky Derby Day

Now here’s Cara to let us know what she’s most excited about for the anticipated Kentucky Derby Day!:

Besides getting to wear a giant hat, one of the things that I (Cara) think is going to be the most fun on Kentucky Derby Day is that all the girls get to place bets on the horse they think is going to win. Rusty, being the nice boss that he is, is going to place a two-dollar bet for each of us girls on the horses of our choosing. The girl (or girls) that picks the winning horse—if we should be so lucky—will get all the money! Some of the horses that girls have picked in the past have come in dead last. I’m really hoping that the horse I pick will not. It’ll be exciting to have a stake in the race and to root for our favorite horses while we’re wearing our lovely hats.

Kentucky Derby Day sounds like it’s going to be a thrill with all the special food, the crazy hats and the cheering on of our horses to win. We’re greatly looking forward to it!

See you in the winner’s circle!

Riders’ Up!

Nicole and Cara