Southgate Coins Enjoys Free Lunch Fridays - Just Another Perk of the Job! - January 31, 2011

At Southgate coins, the excitement truly never ends. A majority of the time, it’s a fast-paced, non-stop environment, and January 2011 was no exception. Whether we’re dealing with rushes of customers and their requests, adding new inventory to our Web site, or wholesaling bulk inventory out, this January sure flew by!

Southgate Coins staff, Elaine, Rebecca, Maya, and Nicole, enjoy Free Lunch Fridays in January

One perk at Southgate Coins is a tradition known as “Free Lunch Friday.” Every Friday, the bosses, Rusty and Marie, buy lunch for all employees working that day. Marie and the crew all gather in the conference office to enjoy our favorite foods, while Rusty courteously waits on customers in the front of the store and answers the phone. It’s always a nice break, and it gives us employees some social time.

After we finish our lunch, it’s then time for Marie to serve Rusty his meal in his office. Whenever we’ve had a particularly busy or demanding week, we always look forward to our special Friday tradition.

Everyone enjoys Free Lunch Fridays at the coin shop!

January 2011 started off with Quiznos for our first “FLF” of the month (January 7). Subs are always a hit with all the girls, since we can all personalize our sandwiches to our individual tastes. The second Friday (January 14) we were treated to Panda Express. (It’s an ongoing joke among us girls that when the conference office is dead-silent, the food is gooood, haha!) The third Friday (January 21) we went to Dickie’s. This is one of Rebecca’s and my (Nicole) favorite restaurants in Reno, since we both love barbeque. It’s also a little more out-of-the-way than the other restaurants we go to, so it’s even more special when we get it! Our last FLF of the month (January 28) was from Taco Bell. You can never go wrong with Taco Bell, especially with a bunch of college-aged girls!

We anticipate February being just as eventful as January was, and we’re looking forward to our weekly treat!

Until our next update to all our loyal Southgate followers, so long!