Restaurants We Ordered Free Lunch Friday From in February - February 28, 2011

If you’re a frequent visitor to the Weblog section of our Web site, you know that around Southgate Coins, Free Lunch Friday is a tradition that each employee looks forward to—it never fails to make our eyes wide, and our mouths water with anticipation.

Southgate Coins employees enjoy Free Lunch Friday during February: the month of Love

During February, the Southgate girls were treated to delicious food from the following restaurants:

  • Port of Subs on February 4—Everyone knows that a hearty sub sandwich tends to hit the spot when you’ve worked with coins all day.
  • Panda Express on February 11—Panda is always a company favorite... what could ever be wrong about chicken coated in sugary orange-ness with a heap of warm fried rice?
  • McDonald’s on February 18—the “golden arches” are always a favorite, especially when it’s dumping snow and they’re located in our same shopping center!
  • Bru-Go’s Pizza on February 25—a northern Nevada-native restaurant, this pizza is topped with gooey, melted cheese and tempting pepperoni. You can’t go wrong. (You know everyone enjoyed it, because all you heard coming from the office were “mmms” and “yums.”)

As usual, Rusty made sure to protect us while we all enjoyed each Friday’s meal. I don’t think anywhere else supports this type of camaraderie in the workplace, let alone lets you eat until you hurt. But I guess that’s another reason why us girls call Southgate our home away from home!

Looking forward to next Friday,