March Meals for Free Lunch Friday

Another month has come and gone, and the tradition of Free Lunch Friday at Southgate Coins is as always looked forward to with much anticipation and of course roaring bellies.

Southgate Coins enjoy Free Lunch Fridays in the month of March

During the month of March—that seemed to fly by—the Southgate girls were treated to delicious food from the following restaurants:

  • Dickey’s on March 4—A barbeque pit restaurant that is a little farther away than the other usual restaurants, but always worth the drive! We like to drench everything in barbeque sauce!
  • MiMi’s Cafe on March 11—It’s an extra special treat to go to MiMi’s, with great food, and such large meals that even after we have stuffed ourselves, we always have leftovers to take home!
  • Taco Bell on March 18—Taco Bell never fails to always hit the spot, and is a favorite with the younger generation. Rusty always teases us about how small everything is and how Taco Bell always squeezes all our food into one dinky bag, haha.
  • McDonald’s on March 25—Although not a snow day this month, close-by McDonald’s is a quick and easy option that we girls are always more than happy and satisfied with! And, just to mess with Rusty, both Maya and I ordered chicken—from a hamburger place?!?

Rusty guarded us like usual, watching the front and answering the phones for us while we enjoyed our meals and filled our bellies. It’s such a pleasure to not only be treated to delicious meals every Friday, but especially how Rusty and Marie encourage and support this type of social time for us girls to catch up on each others lives.

Always looking forward to Friday,