Special Gifts from Special People - April 30, 2011

There aren’t very many jobs out there where you work with people who care about you, you get Free Lunch Fridays every week, and you receive unexpected gifts from clients who have become true friends. But, Southgate Coins is different. Here, the little benefits always shine through.

This past week, two of our very favorite customers, Tony and Mary Ann, and their daughter and son-in-law, Mary Elise and Louis, paid us a visit. They came all the way from small-town California to say hello. Of course, the main reason they stopped in was to check out our famous inventory of Carson City Coins, but each time they visit, they never fail to impress us with their kindness and generosity.

When they arrived, Mary Ann promptly presented us (Nicole, Marie, Rusty and me, Maya) with two scrumptious arrangements of homemade brownies. These weren’t just any brownies either—they were special, chewy-gooey Ghirardelli chocolate brownies, one serving with nuts, and one without. (At this moment, you can picture all of us standing, open-mouthed, drooling, eyes wide in anticipation.) After thanking our guests, Nicole and I made sure to rush them to the back of the store, just to make sure their aroma didn’t arouse any suspicion! Needless to say, the brownies didn’t make it through the week!

Southgate Coins client and friend, Mary Ann Arnold, brings brownies to the coin shop

It still amazes me that our wonderful customers care so much as to keep us in mind. This attitude, and so many other moments, just goes to show why we enjoy working here so much. You can't beat it!

Again, thank you so much Tony and Mary Ann, and we will look forward to seeing you on your next visit to the shop!