Free Lunch Fridays are not Forgotten in the Midst of May Madness

Although May was already very eventful with classes at the University ending, a wedding for Maya, and three different birthdays including a company birthday dinner, Free Lunch Fridays are still a tradition that is never neglected nor treated lightly. It’s an unyielding and greatly anticipated tradition of social enjoyment, relaxation, and some really good food!

During the month of May, we enjoyed food from the following restaurants:

  • Panda Express – It had been awhile since we had eaten at Panda Express, but it always gets our taste buds kickin’ with such savory and sweet flavors!
  • Olive Garden – A real special treat, Olive Garden is my (Nicole’s) favorite. Maya had family in town this week and didn’t join Marie and me until later in the day, so it was simply the two of us that enjoyed FLF, but we couldn’t have had a better time!
  • Taco Bell – We decided to go light yet nonetheless no more delicious and satisfying with Taco Bell this Friday, since for dinner that same day we had our company birthday dinner at Outback Steakhouse!
  • Port of Subs – I’m not sure about the rest of you, but cold sub sandwiches always hit the spot with me, no matter what my tummy is growling for! Good thing the rest of Southgate Coins agrees, which is why Portof Subs is always a FLF favorite.
Southgate Coins enjoy Free Lunch Friday in May

No different from any other Free Lunch Friday, good ol’ Rusty let us eat our lunches and have our social “getaway” in peace, while he took care of the customers and phone calls. Speaking on behalf of Maya and myself, our warmest thoughts and appreciation go out to Rusty and Marie for allowing us to have this time to not only enjoy ourselves but the best of food as well!