Southgate Coins Winds Up May's Birthday Madness with a Little Mud on Nicole - May 31, 2011

As you already read in the previous weblog, we’re mixing up tradition a little bit this year when it comes to birthdays. Nicole is now the only one (after Rusty and me, Maya) with a birthday yet to celebrate this May. Of course, this birthday is particularly special for Nicole, since it marks her right-of-passage into complete adulthood: she is now 21, and can go out on the town!

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Nicole is always one to go above-and-beyond to make sure any special day is memorable. She’s the first to decorate the card envelope, and the last one around to make sure all the cleanup is done. This always-enthusiastic, and quick-witted attitude makes Nicole a pleasure to work with, and makes it all the more fun to make her day special.

Nicole Hoff is honored on her birthday at Southgate Coins

To honor Nicole on her special day this year, Rusty, Marie, and I created a game plan: they were to take care of the sweets, and I would take care of the decorations. This weekend, I was on a mission to find cute, small, hot-pink flowers. I finally decided on some pretty azaleas, and had the florist do them up with pink wrapping, and a pink bow. Now, I couldn’t just get Nicole flowers; I also had to get her a Happy 21st Birthday balloon. I also ran into a cute Happy Birthday mug filled with candy and another, smaller balloon, so I got her that, too. (If you know Nicole, you know that candy is the way to go!)

Now I got the benefit of having all my stuff premade for me (I didn’t grow the flowers, or even fill the ballons). Rusty, on the other hand, went beyond the call of duty and made the Nicole’s birthday sweet treats from scratch!

Rusty made his versions of Mississippi Mud Cakes, one made with a double chocolatey brownie-cake stuffed with marshmallow crème filling, and iced with milk chocolate frosting. The other, chocolate cake squares topped with melted mini marshmallows and rich chocolate-fudge icing. (He left out the pecans in both concoctions in honor of those of us who shun nutty mixtures.) ... They both smelled delicious, and Nicole was definitely surprised at all the work Rusty had put into these decadent confections.

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe presents employee Nicole Hoff with Mississippi mud cakes on her birthday

To top off the festivities, we received a call from a good friend of the store who sang Happy Birthday to Nicole for the third year in a row. Nicole even received an anonymous bouquet of flowers. What more could any 21-year-old want?

As we all looked at Nicole smiling behind her flowers, treats, and balloons, we all silently thought: “*Teardrop* Our little girl is growing up!”

Overall, this year’s 13-day-long, triple birthday celebration was a huge success. From eating delicious steaks and chicken at Outback Steakhouse, to Chocolate Silk Pie and Mississippi Mud Cakes, to decorated birthday cards—Rusty, Nicole, and I were stuffed and spoiled.

Thanks go to Rusty and Marie for letting these wonderful celebrations occur, and once again, from all of us: Happy 21st Birthday, Nicole!